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Beate C Meier, Heinfried H. Radeke, Susanne Selle, Gerhard G. Habermehl, Klaus Resch, Helmut Sies: Human Fibroblasts Release Low Amounts of Reactive Oxygen Species in Response to the Potent Phagocyte Stimulants, Serum-Treated Zymosan, N-Formyl-methionyl-leucyl-phenylalanine, Leukotriene B 4 or 12- O -Tetradecanoylphorbol 13-Acetate. Biological chemistry Hoppe-Seyler 11/1990; 371(10):1021-5., DOI:10.1515/bchm3.1990.371.2.1021

Thomas Koch, E Lehnhardt, H Böttinger, T Pfeuffer, D Palm, B Fischer, Heinfried Radeke, Rolf-Dieter Hesch: Sensorineural hearing loss owing to deficient G proteins in patients with pseudohypoparathyroidism: Results of a multicentre study. European Journal of Clinical Investigation 09/1990; 20(4):416-21., DOI:10.1111/j.1365-2362.1990.tb01879.x

Karl-F Sewing, Uwe Christians, Karsten Kohlhaw, Heinfried Radeke, S Strohmeyer, R Kownatzki, J Budniak, Renate Schottmann, Joern S Bleck, V.M.F. Almeida: Biologic activity of cyclosporine metabolites. Transplantation Proceedings 07/1990; 22(3):1129-34. PMID: 2349673 (Review)

Jürgen Floege, Nicholas Topley, Klaus Wessel, Volkhard Kaever, Heinfried Radeke, Jürgen Hoppe, Tadamitsu Kishimoto, Klaus Resch: Monokines and platelet-derived growth factor modulate prostanoid production in growth arrested human mesangial cells. Kidney International 04/1990; 37(3):859-69., DOI:10.1038/ki.1990.59 Download PDF

Heinfried H Radeke, Beate Meier, Nicholas Topley, Juergen Flöge, Gerhard G Habermehl, Klaus Resch: Interleukin 1-α and tumor necrosis factor-α induce oxygen radical production in mesangial cells. Kidney International 03/1990; 37(2):767-75. PMID: 2407888 Download PDF

Beate Meier, Heinfried H. Radeke, Susanne Selle, H H Raspe, Helmut Sies, Klaus Resch, Gerhard G. Habermehl: Human Fibroblasts Release Reactive Oxygen Species in Response to Treatment with Synovial Fluids from Patients Suffering from Arthritis. Free Radical Research Commun 02/1990; 8(3):149-60., DOI:10.3109/10715769009087988

Volkhard Kaever, Jörg Bruuns, J Wunder, B Damerau, G Zimmer, Jochen Fauler, Klaus Wessel, Juergen Floege, Nicholas Topley, Heinfried Radeke: Human glomerular mesangial cells inactivate leukotriene B4 by reduction into dihydro-leukotriene B4 metabolites. Life Sciences 02/1990; 46(20):1465-70., DOI:10.1016/0024-3205(90)90463-2


Beate Meier, Heinfried H. Radeke, Susanne Selle, M Younes, Helmut Sies, Klaus Resch, Gerhard G. Habermehl: Human fibroblasts release reactive oxygen species in response to interleukin-1 or tumour necrosis factor-alpha. Biochemical Journal 11/1989; 263(2):539-45., DOI:10.1042/bj2630539 Download PDF

Nicholas Topley, Juergen Floege, Klaus Wessel, Ralf Hass, Heinfried H Radeke, Volkhard Kaever, Klaus Resch: Prostaglandin E2 production is synergistically increased in cultured human glomerular mesangial cells by combination of IL-I and tumor necrosis factor-α. The Journal of Immunology 10/1989; 143(6):1989-95. PMID: 2506272

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