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Curriculum Vitae
Prof. Dr. med. Heinfried H. Radeke

2017 Institutional license to conduct advanced training to "DGfI-certified Specialist in Immunology" awarded by the DGfI to Prof. Dr. Evelyn Ullrich and Prof. Dr. Heinfried H. Radeke Urkunde der DGfI
2013–2017 Deputy Head of Integrated Graduate School of DFG-SFB1039 Lipid Sigmaling (DFG-SFB1039)
2010–2015 Deputy Head of Graduate College DFG-GRK1172 (DFG-GRK1172)
2005–2009 Member of Steering committee of Graduate College DFG-GRK1172 (DFG-GRK1172)
2004 Board Certified in Clinical Pharmacology (FA Klinische Pharmakologie)
2003 Board Certified in Immunology (Fachimmunologe der DGfI)
2001–2008 Head of the Dr.-Hans-Schleussner-Foundation Immune Pharmacology, Clinic of the Goethe University Frankfurt Main
1997–2001 Assistant Professor (C-2 since 1999), Institute of Pharmacology, Head: Prof. Dr. K. Resch, Medical School Hannover, Germany
1995–1997 Assistant Professor, Department of Pathology at the School of Medicine, Case Western Reserve University; funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft and Kidney Foundation of Ohio
1994–1995 Senior Postdoctoral Scholar in Nephrology (VAMC) at the School of Medicine, University of California in San Francisco, UCSF, funded by the DFG
1994 Jan-Brod-Award in Nephrology
since 1993 Habilitation: Assistant Professor and University Teacher at the Medical School of Hannover; Board Certified in the field "Pharmacology and Toxicology"
1992 Senior Research Assistent at the Institute of Clinical Molecular Pharmacology
(Head: Prof. Dr. K. Resch) at the Medical School of Hannover, Germany.
P.I. of research group "Mechanisms of Chronic Kidney Inflammation" (Grant of Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, SFB 244/B1)
1992 Course and Safety Approval in Molecular Biology and Engineering
(according to German Federal Law : 15 Abs.2 Satz 1 Nr.3 GenTSV)
1991 Visiting Research Assistant at the BASF-Bioresearch Corp., Cambridge, MA, U.S.A. (3 mo) (Jochen Salfeld - BBC now Abbvie Inc at Worcester, MA.)
1987 Senior Postdoctoral Scholar in Pharmacology at the Institute of Molecular Pharmacology (Head: Prof. Dr. K. Resch) at the Medical School of Hannover
1987 Clinical and scientific advisor of the Bissendorf-Peptides Corporation (Clinical Trials with rh Parathyroid Hormone)
1985–1987 Clinical Fellowship in Pediatrics at the Pediatric Clinic of the University of Göttingen; Head: Prof. Dr. W. Schröter
1986 Award for the scientifically most excellent thesis of the year at the Medical School Hannover ("Promotionspreis der Freundesgesellschaft der MHH")
"Foreign Medical Graduate Examination in Medical Sciences" (FMGEMS) former: Visa Qualifying Examination for Non-U.S.-citizen, ECFMG, Philadelphia, PA.
1986 Medical Doctor Degree ("Promotion"; Dr. med.) at the Medical School Hannover obtaining the grade "excellent". Title of the published thesis:
"Multiple pre- and postreceptor defects in pseudohypoparathyroidism. (A multicentre study with twenty four patients)."
1985 Medical License ("Approbation"; entitles to practise as a physician)
1981–1985 Start of scientific career in the Department of Endocrinology (Head: Prof. Dr. A.v.z. Mühlen) Supervisor to accomplish the medical thesis: Prof. Dr. R.-D. Hesch/ > Dr. H. Jueppner (now at Mass. General/Harvard Medical School)
1979 Start to study Human Medicine at the Medical School Hannover, Germany

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